"Rhythm is everything in boxing. Every move you make starts with your heart, and that's in rhythm or you're in trouble"
-Sugar Ray Robinson


"Manos De Piedra" Roberto Durán

"if you wanna bang, we can bang" - shyne

                                       Sergio "Maravilla" Martinez


Rest in peace Mr. Mandela.


I’m kind of upset I was pulling for Bellew but Adonis Stevenson was to much for him. Tony Bellew had no answer for Adonis Stevenson’s left hand and that cost him. Adonis Stevenson is a very ellusive and powerful boxer.

Kovolev just Knocked Silakh out early in the 2nd lets move on to the main event now


24. November 2013

 I thought Brandon Rios was going to TKO Manny Pacquiao but he didn’t. He was too stationary and Manny exploited that. Also he wasn’t throwing enough punches and Manny exploited that as well. Robert Garcia instructed Brandon Rios not to chase Manny down rather cut the ring off on him and go to the body and Brandon didn’t execute. This fight was exactly what the boxing world thought it would be: Manny Pacquiao going to work on a human punching bag. After hearing and seeing Brandon Rios get so upset about people calling him a ‘tune-up fight’ and a ‘punching bag’ and hearing him be so vocal about the number of amateur boxing matches he’s had I thought he was going to show us how versatile he is and I believed that I was going to see more out of the young warrior so it was a let down for me. I respect him anyway for being a Pro Boxer and making it to where he is. With that said on the Top Rank side of things, I feel like they keep trying to do their best Floyd Mayweather rendition. Floyd fights a young, solid, Mexican champion in Saul Alvarez now Bob Arum sets Pacquiao up to fight a young, solid, Mexican former champion. I mean are they going to do this again? In the past damn near everybody FMJ fought Pacquiao fought after him yet FMJ and Pac-man never faced off in the ‘squared circle’. What was the point of this fight? Pacquiao lost to Timothy Bradley (on paper), he got KO’d by JMM, why not avenge those losses to show the world your still the same Pac-Man that most WHITE boxing fans and writers deemed the greatest ever? If he had done so that would’ve built the FMJ and Pac-Man fight up again but instead Bob Arum puts him in the ring against Brandon Rios (in which I believe they tried to make look like the Floyd vs. Alvarez bout) a stationary target for Pacquiao. Now if FMJ and Pac-Man meet and Floyd beats him it won’t have no weight behind it because the critics and the writers will say Manny was never the same after he got religious or after he was KO’d. As a Boxing fan I didn’t like this fight because it was too predictable. I would’ve rather watched Freddie Roach and Robert Garcia lace up and ‘get it poppin’.

-Ibraheem Greenberg

Straight Thuggin’ man

I thought We would never progress 

But look at us now man we young exects 



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