"Rhythm is everything in boxing. Every move you make starts with your heart, and that's in rhythm or you're in trouble"
-Sugar Ray Robinson

18. June 2014

Some women don’t even be the most appealing but walk like they have the best pussy in the world!
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I’m the ^^^^
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At the airport coming back to Atlanta
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10. June 2014

When I was in NYC recently I went down to Soho and while I was looking for parking I drove passed this pretty young thing, wearing all black, she had no bra on and her nipples were so hard they were poking out of her shirt like a compound fraction. It was such a turn on!!! I could’ve stared all day
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elleayeff said: It's always super hard to find a job if you don't speak Spanish & the price of living or pretty high. Ex: I have a cousin who lives in Lawrenceville & pay $660 for a 2/2 with a fireplace & a balcony in a fairly decent, civil neighborhood. In Miami, that'll barely get you a 1/1 in the hood.

Damn I didn’t know it was that expensive to live in MIA. I have a 2 bedroom, bathroom, basement, garage, front and back yard with patio in a decent area for 725

elleayeff said: How tall are you??


10. June 2014

I grew up like a regular cat
I was on the street wild’n
I had no direction in fact
Was on the block non stop
I got fed up with that
Once I lost my brother Marcus
I had to turn my back

We was brothers from the same struggle… Uh!
We was raised in the same jungle
We went through the same shit
Moms smoke won’t quit
Getting high as a cliff
The shit made us sick
I can’t lie we wasn’t fly
But we tried and tried
Both poor fo’ sure
Since the day we was born
But we had family
And family got each other
Different father, different mother, still my motherfucking brother
We grew up in the gutter
But the way I perceive these memories makes me flutter
My nigga had me covered like a motherfucking cover
And I had my niggas back no matter where we was at
To many good times they can’t fit in one rhyme
He ain’t have to ask he can have it if it was mine
I knew on his end it was vice versa
I never thought I would lose my brother to a murder
It happened in owe 9 I’m still affected you can tell
Cause I talk about him in every story that I tell
But I never ask why because I know its Gods will
But still I gotta write these verses in order to heal…
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7. June 2014

Uh hem
Shawtie want a thug
It started with a hug
And the rest went like this
She gave my neck a kiss again I gave her neck a kiss back
I said we can do it like a stack
I mean we can do it like a G
In the back of VIP
Shawtie we can get it on
I’m like shout out to the DJ for playing this song
Guhh we can act like two damn fools
Have everybody think we doing every dance move
Call me so I can make it juicy for ya
Meet me in the bathroom so I can be your secret lover girl…
And it started with a hug but now we making love in this club
And we don’t gotta stop just because the people in the crowd are watching us and we don’t give a damn what they say…
They say… It’s the remix babaaaaaaay!!!
#throwback #hiphop